Welcome to Windy Ridge

               Family Raised Border Collies and

       Toy Australian Shepherds- with tails !



In 1997, while living in NM, I brought home a beautiful 10-week old puppy from Borderzone, my first border collie. He quickly became the apple of my eye and my constant companion. I trained him using only positive training. He loved going to dog shows and was my Novice A dog Obedience and Agility. He moved with us to KY and died here at 14. Almost two years later I  contacted Myrna at Borderzone and was sad to hear the news that she didn't breed border collies   anymore. A few months later, she told me she needed to sell the remainder of her border collies, and would like them to be bred, so we traveled to NM and came home with Rosie and Xena, who joined our Flint. We are happy to be able to continue the Borderzone lines. We added a Toy Aussie, Hazel,for my daughter and quickly fell in love with the breed. We now have a second Aussie, Denali.

We live in a small farm with our two children in central  Kentucky. We do not have kennels. Our dogs live in our home and they enjoy a one-acre fenced yard around our house that they share with chickens and ducks. They also love going on supervised romps in the pasture. They enjoy outings, hikes, vacations, shows, and being a part of our daily life. Our puppies are raised using Puppy Culture protocols.   Please contact us by calling 606-365-7480 or emailing at othranch@hotmail.com I enjoy talking with people about what they are looking for in their next puppy. Thanks for your interest! Visit us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Windy-Ridge-Farms-340761316585616